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Wetlands Demonstration Area

The Wetlands Demonstration Area is an integral part of the E.C.O. Center's programs but is also a wonderful, natural experience for anyone who strolls through them.  Located near the E.C.O. Center in Ridge Ferry Park, this demonstration area is used to educate students on the importance and value of protecting these types of areas.  However, visitors passing through can also experience the natural wonder and ecology of the wetlands just by
looking and listening.  

The wetlands are a manmade area that was designed for education and demonstration purposes so that the public could learn more about their function and purpose.  In the early 1990s it was identified as a low-lying area that did not drain water and therefore would be suitable for a wetlands.  The project was a joint effort of the City of Rome, the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, and the Coosa River Soil and Water Conservation District and funding was provided through a grant from the U.S. Partners for Wildlife as well as in-house work through the City of Rome's Street and Water & Sewer Departments in Public Works.  Construction began in 1993, and it has been a self-sustaining and fully functioning wetlands area ever since!

These wetlands make for great habitat for many of the native wildlife that we teach about or that are exhibited in the Center.  Visitors can often see fish, crayfish, turtles, frogs, tadpoles, birds, and many other animals that make up part of Northwest Georgia's native wildlife.  In addition, there is a variety of native trees and plants that create a beautiful canopy and scenery.  Through E.C.O. Center led programs, students can learn about wetlands as a suitable habitat, macroinvertebrates, soil composition, species identification and more!         

Rome-Floyd E.C.O. Center
Rome-Floyd E.C.O. Center
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